Imagining is more important than implementing

Often while programming I wonder “How am I going to implement this thing?”. But more or less every time it turns out that the coding part wasn’t the most difficult task. Rather it was imagining the idea.

Implementing an idea isn’t easy and many times you run into simple looking problems but you have to bang your head to get them to work. Imagining an idea or a feature is an even more difficult task. Think the wrong way and you end up with a technical debt.

Imagining is difficult because the thoughts in your head do not converge together. They are like the many pieces of a puzzle which you have to put together to create a sensible idea.

Programming isn’t the most relaxing activity, but nevertheless I find it to be a fun activity. I currently have an idea in my mind and I definitely look forward to work on it today(or tonight, maybe).

Meanwhile I struggle with Windows.