Google Summer of Code '16 with coala

So, my proposal for Google Summer of Code 2016 got accepted. Yay! And now that my exams are over, I finally have some time to blog about it. So here we go.

Earlier this year I decided to dip my toe in the water of contributing to open source projects. I came across coala, a language independent static code analysis framework. I started off by fixing some of the simple newcomer issues. This helped me understand the code base of the project. The best part was that the coala community was extremely friendly and always helpful.

I came with no long-term plans, but I had a really fun time learning new stuff, so I had to stay. Later Google Summer of Code was announced and coala was participating under Python Software Foundation. I submitted a proposal and it got accepted.

So this summer I will be building a plugin to integrate the awesome coala code analysis framework with the Eclipse IDE. I have a coarse idea of the project and I look forward to discuss it with my mentor Harsh Dattani in the next few weeks of the community bonding period.