[GSoC16] Week 3 update

Another week has passed by in this journey and so far it is going great. This week I’ve been busy adding important functionality to the Eclipse plug-in.

The most important feature in the works is the ability to select bear to use for code analysis. I also had to make some design decisions and one thing I’ve learned is designing is more difficult than programming (ofcourse, take this with grain of salt).

Mid-term evaluations are coming and I expect to have a usable plug-in by then.

The major task now is to introduce some basic user-interface elements that make using the plug-in intuitive and easy. I have begun planning out the GUI with help from my mentor and will be adding some parts of it in the coming week.

The plug-in currently uses the common Problems View for the marker elements. This will change and the plug-in will now have a separate view for coala issues. Another new element will be the Annotations that will help better visualize the analysis results.